FS-102 Characteristics of the Food Service Industry

This course discusses the major historical influences on the food service industry, restaurant history and evolution, major influential figures, current trends, and career opportunities.

FS-103 Preparation

This course focuses on one the most important parts of a culinary program - having the necessary ingredients at hand and in the appropriate state before beginning a dish. This course covers the basic techniques necessary to prepare a full repertoire of stocks, soups, both classic and contemporary sauces, and main dishes.

FS-104 The Cooking Process

This course focuses on the type of heat transfers, cooking methods, and the effects heat has on various types of foods. Basic methods covered include both dry and moist heat methods.

FS-105 Cooking Science

This course focuses on the components of standardized recipes, how to analyze a recipe, important aspects of measurement and portion control, procedures for converting recipes

FS-199 Lab Series I

Laboratory practicum illustrating the topic covered in the FS-1XX class series.