FS-202 Stocks

This course describes common procedures used to prepare stock, ingredients used in making stock, and explains the function of a stock in making sauces and soups.

FS-203 Sauces

This course focuses on the procedures necessary to prepare a full repertoire of both classic and contemporary sauces. Their uses, and the reasons for using a sauce to finish a dish.

FS-204 Soups

This course discusses the classifications of soups, preparation methods, methods of thickening, holding, and serving.

FS-205 Meat, Fish, & Poultry Cookery

This courses begins with the basics of type, grade, and cuts of these main dish items. Discussions include: roasting, baking, broiling, frying, boiling, sauté, and braising. Recipes, seasoning, and serving are also covered.

FS-206 Vegetable, Rice, & Pasta Cookery

Discussion includes: achieving proper doneness in vegetables, rice and pasta, general rules and methods of cookery, seasoning, and serving.

FS-207 Breakfast Cookery

This course focuses on the special techniques necessary for breakfast cookery. Topics covered include eggs, hot cereal g, pancakes, crepes, waffles, and French toast, cooking, holding, portioning, and finishing for service.

FS-208 Pantry Cookery & Garde-manger

This course covers the various responsibilities of the garde-manger and charcuterie kitchen areas and the types of items they produce, the fundamental techniques to use in this production area.

FS-209 Vegetarian Cookery

This course focuses on the special techniques necessary for preparing vegetarian entrees and side dishes. 

FS-301 Yeast Dough

This course compares different yeast products, discusses the steps of yeast dough production, mixing, fermentation, and baking.

FS-302 Quickbreads and Pies

This course discusses the characteristics and production methods of quickbreads and pies. Includes biscuits, muffins, loaf cakes, and doughnuts.

FS-303 Cookies

This course lists and describes cookie characteristics, discusses preparation fundamentals and basic decorating techniques.

FS-304 Cakes

This course covers cake mixing methods, cake preparation fundamentals, assembling and icing, and decorating techniques.

FS-305 Custards & Creams

This course covers the preparation of custards, puddings, Bavarians, mousses, soufflés, and frozen desserts.

FS-299 Lab Series II

Laboratory practicum illustrating the topics covered in the second term classes.

FS-399 Lab Series III

Laboratory practicum illustrating the topics covered in the third term classes.

JP-100 Job Readiness

This course offers a study of goals, the importance of maintaining good relationships with fellow workers and supervisors, work habits, interviewing techniques, evaluating information, and the decision making process.