FS-301 Yeast Dough

This course compares different yeast products, discusses the steps of yeast dough production, mixing, fermentation, and baking.

FS-302 Quickbreads and Pies

This course discusses the characteristics and production methods of quickbreads and pies. Includes biscuits, muffins, loaf cakes, and doughnuts.

FS-303 Cookies

This course lists and describes cookie characteristics, discusses preparation fundamentals and basic decorating techniques.

FS-304 Cakes

This course covers cake-mixing methods, cake preparation fundamentals, assembling and icing, and decorating techniques

FS-305 Custards & Creams

This course covers the preparation of custards, puddings, Bavarians, mousses, soufflés, and frozen desserts.

FS-401 Advanced Bread and Rolls (Prerequisite FS-301)

Building on previous knowledge students learn to prepare artisan and ethnic breads; and breads using specialty grains.

FS-402 Laminated and Pastry Doughs (Prerequisite FS-302)

This course explores products like Éclair Paste, Phyllo Dough, Puff Pastry, Croissant and Danish Pastry.

FS-403 Cookies, Tarts, & Mignardises (Prerequisite FS-303)

Building on previous baking and pastry classes, students will research formula, produce the product, evaluate and cost the results.

FS-404 Confectionery Art & Special Occasion Cakes (Prerequisite FS-304)

An introduction to preparation and decoration of display pieces, occasion cakes, seasonal cakes, and classical and contemporary wedding cakes. Topics covered include chocolate, sugar, and marzipan; finishing techniques using an air brush; use of molds and templates.

FS-405 Advanced custards, mousses and creams (Prerequisite FS-305)

Building on previous classes, students will research formula, produce the custard, mousse or cream product, evaluate and cost the results

FS-406 Dessert Plating and presentation (Prerequisites FS-401 through 405)

This class explores presentation techniques used by pastry chefs when his or her creation is served and presented to guests. Students will learn to plate desserts with the care and attention needed to create a truly memorable presentation.

FS-499 Pastry Lab

Laboratory practicum illustrating the topics covered in the FS-4XX class series

JP-100 Job Readiness

This course offers a study of goals, the importance of maintaining good relationships with fellow workers and supervisors, work habits, interviewing techniques, evaluating information, and the decision making process.